Help share the serenity of the ocean with deserving children

We share the healing and magic of the ocean with children who need it the most.

All children deserve to experience the healing and peace that comes from the ocean, but some children never get the opportunity. We work hard to offer children with different challenges the chance to catch a wave, taste the salt air or just get up close to marine life.

Our programs are free, hands-on, and a whole lot of fun.

Some of our programs are best for individual kids, while others are made for groups to sign up for together. Check out our options to see what's best for you.
"This was my first time fishing or being on a boat, it was so fun! I even caught a fish and touched its scales!"

Jessie, 9 years old
"I loved seeing our group of kids experience something they never would have otherwise on the whale watching trip."
Maya, Boys & Girls Club
"My son had an amazing day seeing so much sea life. It makes you forget your troubles, even if it is just for a day!"

Jascha,  mom

We make sure your donations go directly towards helping kids.

The founders of Sea of Love cover all administrative costs out of pocket so that your contributions go straight to helping kids experience the joys of the ocean. Here’s a look at how we use the donations we receive yearly, on average:

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